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Barrels of Heart

This year the Wyler Family Foundation partnered with the Bourbon with Heart charity for the Barrels of Heart exhibit. We are proud to have sponsored local artist, Rickelle Nelson to create a stunning hand-painted barrel that showcases Kentucky, and encapsulates the heritage, legacy and excitement of the Kentucky Derby! The Barrels of Heart exhibit is on showcase at the Frazier History Museum now until March 30th, 2023. The collection features a total of twenty custom-painted bourbon barrels all designed by local artists. During the eight-week exhibit, the public can vote for their favorite barrel. The winning artist will be awarded a cash prize and a donation will be made to the charity of their choice. We encourage anyone who wants to experience this spectacular exhibit for themselves, to visit the Frazier History Museum at 829, W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202. All proceeds from the exhibit will be used to raise awareness surrounding the local art community, providing access to art experiences, and raising funds for other local non-profits.

It was kismet that Rickelle Nelson, the artist, is also an employee of the Kentucky Derby Museum and they happen to be opening a new Secretariat exhibit this April. It only made sense that we donate Rickelle's Barrel to this new exhibit at the Kentucky Derby Museum. What a perfect place for this "Barrel of Heart" to call home once the Frazier History Museum showcase is over. Please visit for more information on Bourbon with Heart, or the Barrels of Heart exhibit. If you would like to vote for Rickelle Nelson and her Barrel of Heart you can vote on Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

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